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Presentation Skills

Many job applications today require a short presentation as part of the selection process.  This fun and rewarding 6 hour course is ideal for any age group from any background to practice their skills in creating and delivering a short presentation within a safe and non judgemental learning environment, with constructive support available.  Learners will understand the different elements that need to be considered when creating a presentation and have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their concerns and observe different presentation styles while demonstrating and discovering their own. Learners will leave the course feeling more confident, motivated, prepared and uplifted, ready to have a go!


Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  







  • To learn how to create a stimulating presentation and how to communicate it effectively to an audience.

    Learning Outcomes

  • To define the meaning of a presentation

  • To acknowledge the role of a presenter

  • To learn how to prepare and enhance a presentation

  • To develop the skills of a competent presenter

  • To recognise strategies to combat nerves while presenting

  • To create and deliver a presentation.

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