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Interpersonal Skills

Do you want to improve your working relationships and communicate more effectively with your peers?  If so, this fun and interactive 5 hour course is perfect for you!  The course will help you assess your own interpersonal skills and provide you with the learning and strategies to improve how you communicate with colleagues at work, whether it be to resolve a conflict, negotiate an issue, or to help with decision making or problem solving.  You will also learn the art of assertiveness to assist you in remaining confident and in control.  Learners will also acquire some skills for dealing with difficult situations such as peer pressure.  Remember, all this learning is transferable into other aspects of your life and will allow you to enjoy developing more successful relationships at home and socially too! 😊

Time: 10am - 3pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  


  • To support managers and staff in creating improved and sustainable working relationships leading to a more effective and harmonious work force.

   Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the importance of effective communication skills

  • To identify the cycle of emotional intelligence and explain its importance

  • To know how to work effectively in a team and acknowledge feedback from others constructively

  • To learn the skills to deal with difficult conversations, how to negotiate and how to persuade

  • To become more effective in decision making and problem solving

  • To recognise the effects of peer pressure and how to deal with it.

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