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Peer on Peer Abuse for Foster Carers

This interesting and thought provoking course is for all the wonderful Foster Carers out there!

Carers will be equipped with the knowledge and skills related to this complex area of safeguarding. They will become more confident in their understanding of what peer on peer abuse actually is and the numerous forms it can take. Carers will begin to understand and recognise the signs of peer on peer abuse and the challenges professionals face when trying to prevent and deal with cases. Carers should leave this workshop with an improved ability and confidence in detecting and reporting incidents and feel empowered to safeguard their children more so than ever! 


  • To equip Foster Carers with the appropriate knowledge to understand, prevent and deal with concerns/ allegations of peer on peer abuse.

         Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what constitutes peer on peer abuse and the different forms it can take

  • To recognise the signs of peer on peer abuse

  • To learn how to deal with incidents of peer on peer abuse and recognise the challenges

  • To understand a multi agency approach is required to tackle peer on peer abuse

  • To explore preventative initiatives to address peer on peer abuse.

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