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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

This interesting, thought provoking and lively 5 hour course has been designed for anyone who works with children and young people and wants to have a more in depth understanding of the issues surrounding child sexual exploitation (CSE.)  Learners will learn how to recognise the warning signs of CSE and which groups of children may be most vulnerable.  The course also aims to equip learners with the essential knowledge of how to minimise the risk of CSE with children.  Raising confidence in how to respond to any concerns and report to social care will be explored in depth. 

Time: 10am - 3pm.  (Time vary to suit needs.) 


  • To improve knowledge and understanding of CSE and reinforce the importance that everybody has a joint responsibility for keeping children safe.

        Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what CSE is

  • To learn who may be at greatest risk of CSE

  • To recognise the signs of CSE

  • To raise confidence in reporting CSE

  • To know how to minimise the risk of CSE.

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