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Advanced Safeguarding Children and Young People

This lively and informative one day course is perfect for those who have frequent and regular contact with children or for those who work with children and want to build on their existing safeguarding knowledge and skills.  The course will leave you feeling more confident to tackle and respond to safeguarding disclosures and concerns, focusing on the level of support a child may need.

Recognising children who are more vulnerable to abuse and harm and the associated warning signs is covered in depth.  Learners will also learn about the importance of partnership working in promoting children's welfare. 

Time: 9.30-4.30pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  


  • To build on existing safeguarding knowledge and skills to raise confidence in staff and enhance their safeguarding role at work and beyond and understand which children and young people are at risk of harm or are particularly vulnerable.

        Learning outcomes

  • To understand the meaning and importance of safeguarding children

  • To be familiar with current policy and legislation to safeguard children

  • To recognise different types of abuse and harm, their signs and indicators

  • To know which children may be at an increased risk of abuse and neglect

  • To understand the level of support a child may need and how best to respond

  • To raise confidence in recording and reporting concerns

  • To know what happens after a referral to social care

  • To recognise that working in partnership with children, parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting children's welfare.

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