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Safeguarding Children in Education

This engaging, thought provoking and interactive one day course is for anyone who works in the education sector.

The course explores the safeguarding responsibilities of various education roles and will support learners in recognising the many warning signs and indicators of abuse and harm in an educational setting.

Learners will discuss the difference between safeguarding and child protection and the importance of early help and the role of social care.

Raising confidence around information sharing and the importance of responding to, recording and reporting all disclosures and concerns will be addressed in depth. Learners will also reflect on challenging professionally should they disagree with decisions or actions taken at any time during the safeguarding process.

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  


  • To help staff to understand their safeguarding responsibilities within the education setting and beyond and to recognise and respond effectively to warning signs and indictors of abuse and disclosures, ensuring timely and proportionate early help is instigated to provide the best possible outcomes for children.


       Learning outcomes

  • To be familiar with current safeguarding legislation, guidance and policies

  • To learn about the safeguarding responsibilities of key staff

  • To understand the different types of abuse and those more relevant to an education setting

  • To raise confidence in recognising and responding to abuse effectively

  • To understand the importance of sharing information, recording and reporting all concerns

  • To learn about early help and the role of social care

  • To know how to challenge professionally should you disagree with decisions/actions taken.

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