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Communication and Team Work for Foster Carers

This is a hugely popular, interactive and fun 4 hour course aimed at enhancing a foster carer’s    communication with their foster children and colleagues.  The course explores many different methods of communication and builds on imaginative methods to help children who find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings.  Carers will take part in games and activities to practice the skills of team work and will explore the benefits of a team effort as opposed to working alone.  Carers will leave this course feeling happy and with increased confidence in their abilities to interact with others effectively.  They will also have been reminded and feel comforted that they belong to a great team who are all working together towards a common goal – the best outcomes for their foster children.

Time: 10am - 2pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  


  • To enhance Foster Carers communication with their children, staff and other carers and to help them become a good team player and realise the benefits.

    Learning Outcomes

  • To define communication and team work

  • To identify communication techniques and how to communicate effectively, paying regard to sensitive, difficult and complex issues

  • To recognise barriers to effective communication

  • To develop communication skills with children so they can express their views and needs

  • To demonstrate what makes a good team

  • To understand the benefits of working as an effective team

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