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Child Development and Attachment

This 5 hour fascinating and thought provoking course will help learners to understand the challenging emotional and social behaviours that some children and young people may be presenting and acting out within their organisational setting. Learners will explore typical patterns of child development and how varying levels of attachment can influence a child’s development.  Strategies to support children displaying atypical behaviours due to living with an insecure attachment will be considered in depth. Learners will also explore the importance of play and create strategies to build resilience with those children displaying difficult emotional and social behaviours. The course will include time for discussion,  the sharing of ideas and exploring real 'cases' together.

Time: 10am - 3pm. (Time vary to suit needs.)  


  • To understand child development and attachment theory, the effects of an insecure attachment and the importance of building emotional relationships and resilience with your children and young people.


    Learning Outcomes

  • Describe typical patterns of child development

  • Recognise a child/young person in need

  • Create strategies to support their social and emotional development

  • Explain attachment theory and the effects of different types of attachment on behaviour and emotional well being

  • Demonstrate play as crucial to building stronger relationships and attachments

  • Support children and young people with their resilience

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