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GLT Training generates learning together within a safe, friendly and relaxed learning environment.



Whether you are learning for the first time, want to refresh your existing knowledge or want to learn something new, explore this potential with GLT Training, a guaranteed reliable, effective and imaginative training provider underpinned by achievement, excellence and professionalism.

Course development and delivery is conducted by Gill Pinder who demonstrates vibrancy, energy and approachability.  Gill possesses a full, varied and rewarding career as a teacher of children and young people and as a trainer of adults in a public service, voluntary and social care environment.  She prides herself in her ability to build fast and effective relationships and to empathise, listen, understand and respond to individual needs.


As we are all enveloped in a life time of learning, Gill is totally committed to the belief that we all learn from each other and facilitates training around shared experiences of her learners.  Gill’s aim is to enhance confidence in her learners, stimulating thought and pride in their learning while making them feel comfortable, safe and at ease.


 Gill Pinder (BA Hons, PGCE)





Gill lives in Worcestershire and is excited about training new and familiar trainees on a range of courses within her home county and beyond.  Her lively and original approach ensures training is fun and memorable, leaving her learners wanting more and returning again and again.

Safeguarding children and young people has remained a huge passion for Gill throughout her working career inspiring her to develop various safeguarding courses applicable to different roles and settings. Gill’s natural ability to teach and train has driven her desire to create an exciting and imaginative Skills to Train course and share good practice. Over many years Gill has discovered that obstructions at work and in personal relationships are often due to poor communication and interpersonal skills and we all have huge room for   improvement!  Thus the writing of her new courses on Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills.

GLT Training provides:-

  • A cost effective and flexible approach to training where courses can be delivered when and where suits an organisation. 

  • Limited attendance numbers to ensure that the quality of learning remains excellent and trainees receive individual support.

  • A short report to accompany any training event to advise managers on their attendees 'response' to learning

 Additional Services:-

  •  Delivery of an organisation's own training courses

  •  Course development work

  •  Safeguarding policy writing



GLT Training looks forward to working with you and your organisation very soon.

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